Material information

As a specialist in stainless steel machining, we are very familiar with the special features of steel and the most important stainless steel alloys.


Channels from stock

In addition to our standard gully tops (156 x 156 mm to 500 x 500 mm), the following drainage channels are available from stock for immediate delivery.


Vintage channel

In cooperation with wine growers ETG has developed a stainless steel tray for wine producer. This is particularly easy to clean and the special tilting of the side walls allows an insight into the entire channel body .


Stainless steel products for drainages surfaces of ETG

ETG is a specialist in the development, production and project planning of stainless steel drainage solutions. Our customers are planners, users or construction companies. We promise you: Certainly you will get a solution that satisfies all requirements regarding resistance, stability and easy integration.

With the know-how straight from the manufacturer !


Drainage of parking spaces

Stainless steel is ideal for drainage of underground car parks, parking garages and parking decks. Stainless steel provides optimum mechanical and chemical stability and ensures long- term protection of buildings.

For the park space drainage ETG offers drainage channels in different designs and floor gullies as single floor gullies or in combination with floor channels. 

>Parking areas

Stainless steel Channels and floor gullies from ETG

Products of ETG are particularly suitable for installation in professional kitchens, catering facilities, the food and drinks industry, the meat-processing industry and butcher’s shops. They can also be found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, sanitary facilities and swimming pools as well as parking decks, underground garages and fire stations.

>Channels                    >Floor gullies


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